BetterU – Week 2 Information and Action Steps!

Better U

Welcome to week 2 of the BetterU Challenge! (New here or want to find out more about this program? Jump back to the week 1 information here!)

Week 2

Reducing your risk factors. Last week here at the live presentation of the BetterU Challenge in the Lynnwood area, the 50 participants all had biometric health screenings to determine their risk factors for heart disease. If you are following along at home consider getting your numbers (blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, weight) checked to see where you personally can improve your heart health. At the very least you can get your blood pressure tested for free at many pharmacies and fire stations. Once you have your numbers you can plug them in at the Go Red Heart Checkup online tool and get a personalized action plan.

“it’s never too late to change a few things and start living healthy.”

Now that we have the results, everyone knows where they personally can improve. Every day choices can greatly improve these numbers and reduce your risk for heart disease and other lifestyle-related diseases. Our focus during this program is to improve these numbers over the remaining 10 weeks and learn how to make continual small improvements in our lives to live for a healthier future and slash our risk of heart disease and stroke.

You can download the BetterU Week 2 PDF file here to learn more about risk factors we can and can’t control, questions to ask your doctor, (did you know that studies show many doctors don’t talk to their female patients about heart disease, yet it is the #1 killer of women?) some small daily changes that can add up to improved numbers and some great recipes and healthy cooking tips!

Heart Healthy Shopping. This week we spent most of the session learning how to shop for heart healthy eating…deliciously of course! The American Heart Association has some great tools to help you, which you can find here.  We went a bit further in depth with my own personal recommendations as well, plus some healthy shopping strategies! You can download the 34 page PDF file here.

BetterU Grocery cart

Week 2 Action Items

Action items from the BetterU program book,  plus a couple of extra recommendations from me:

  • List one or two physical activities you can add to your day this week if you aren’t already.
  • Write down a couple of your favorite recipes that you love and want to continue to enjoy, but may need some healthier swaps. Check out the website here for some great information!
  • Shopping – now that you have some help with how to shop easier and fill your basket with healthier options, create your shopping list this week. You can download a weekly menu planner here in case you didn’t save it last week. I recommend printing out several or saving to your computer and editing it and hopefully make this a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly habit!
  • While you’re at the store take some time to read ingredients and look for some healthier options.
  • Need to do a pantry clean out if you’ve learned something new this week? Maybe you learned something you thought was healthy, actually isn’t?
  • Last week the biggest, most important step was to write down your short term goals and a long term vision. If you haven’t, please take the time to do so. Without this, quite honestly, success at creating a healthier life or reaching your goals is lessened. The biggest variable between the 97% of people that fail at living a healthier life and achieving and maintaining a weight loss for over 5 years and the 3% that actually achieve this – goal setting and having a vision for their lives that they constantly are living for.

Week 2 Highlights

  • One of our participants shared how she had binding added to her BetterU book! She said you can have this done at FedEx Office for about $5! She also said she “invested in herself this week.” Wow, I love that! She purchased a NutriBullet as well to help her get more fresh fruits and vegetables into her daily diet, going for that at least 4 1/2 cup mark! PLUS she has lost 5 pounds this week! Great job!

This is the inspirational message she wrote on the cover of her book. THIS is inspiring!


  • Many participants share their personal goals for last week and how good they feel accomplishing them! Some great shares were more water, extra activity, goal setting and making better eating choices.
  • Manna natural foods market was brought up for great prices on good organic fruits and vegetables. Here is the link.
  • Farmers markets in the Lynnwood area – link here. Not in the Lynnwood area? Search for a farmers market in your area here!
  • – Thanks for this great link to trails in your area! Also available as a free app for the iPhone!
  • Get some great music for working out!  Here is the link for your computer, if you have Pandora on your phone search “AHA Fitness” and you’ll be taken to the station!
  • Kirsten’s recipe of the week: Healthified Chicken and Mushroom Piccata Saute – yum!

Chicken and mushroom piccata

Have a wonderful week and congratulations on Week 2 towards a BetterU!

Chef Kirsten Signature

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Verdant Health CommissionVerdant Health Commission

Lynnwood Recreation Center

Lynnwood Rec center


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