Game on! HeartChase Snohomish County is here!


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Remember way back—three whole months ago—when everyone was diving into their New Year’s resolutions with gusto? Exercise more, live healthier, lose weight, be active with family… it all seemed possible as the clock struck twelve. But, if you’re anything like me, those resolutions have been pushed to the side by other priorities: work, bills, day-to-day routines. It can be hard to remember sometimes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle really is important, and in today’s busy world full of high-fat foods, healthy isn’t always convenient. It is, however, possible.

Cardiovascular disease has been the world’s leading cause of death for over 40 years and is estimated to directly affect one out of every three people. If I tried to count the number of people in my life with cardiovascular health problems, I’d need all my fingers and toes just to keep track, and I know I’m not alone. We are all affected by such wide-reaching illness.

Fortunately, prevention and care are available, and the American Heart Association is making heart health education, prevention, and fundraising both easy and fun. On Saturday, April 6, the American Heart Association will bring the inaugural HeartChase Snohomish Count to Downtown Everett to raise awareness with a fun, family-friendly, and community-wide competition. Fundraising teams of 2-5 players will race on a four-mile adventure through town, completing heart-healthy challenges, looking for hidden donations, and collecting as many points as possible using the HeartChase™ smartphone app. Participants can register online and begin online fundraising efforts before gearing up for the event itself. All funds raised, $50 or more per teammate, benefit the American Heart Association. Get a piece of the action as families, friends, and neighbors race, solving clues and unraveling brainteasers along the way to health and victory.

For 89 years the American Heart Association has been committed to increasing health awareness and decreasing deaths due to cardiovascular disease and stroke. With events like HeartChase™, not only can we as individuals become personally involved, but we can unite our community on the journey for healthier lifestyles. As people like to say, nobody gets healthy by accident. Join us and get moving on April 6 with HeartChase™ Snohomish County as we dash, puzzle, and compete our way to a healthier, heartier future. I’m sure we can all agree that awesome games, friendly competition, and a great cause are a very good way to spend a Saturday morning with friends and family.

The two-hour HeartChase™ begins at 9:30 a.m. and starts at the Providence Regional Medical Tower in Everett, Washington. Visit to sign up today to lead or join a team.

Jennifer V. N. Oleinik is an editor and writer in the Greater Seattle area. She is also the co-founder of the children’s book review website


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