Despite living with heart disease, Kyle Seager pursued his dream


(Photo Credit: Ben Van Houten, Seattle Mariners)

Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager knows what it means to be a survivor. At five months of age Seager underwent surgery to repair a hole in his heart, the effect of a congenital heart problem known as Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). Since infancy, Kyle has lived with the disease, enduring the many tests and procedures needed to keep him, and his heart, healthy. At a young age he was self-conscious about his scar, although he remained focused on athletics, never allowing his illness to impede his active lifestyle. He stuck to non-contact sports mostly, a piece of advice given to his family by the doctors who helped to repair his heart as an infant. It was on the field that he found his passion, baseball, which he pursued through high school and college, eventually making it to the professional leagues in recent years. In 2009 Seager was drafted by the Mariners where he remains a valuable part of the team to this day. Living with heart disease has proved a challenge to Seager, however he has never permitted VSD to stop him from following his heart’s desire to play ball. Kyle today proves an outstanding role model, an excellent third baseman, a survivor, and above all, an inspiration.


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